Artificial Intelligence (AI) based chatbots

There are plenty of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based ChatBots available online. A list of best chatbots describes the significance of each bot.



1. Wingstop

The easiest way to order your chicken wings.

2. Whole Foods

A treasure of Whole Foods recipes and FAQs.

3. Pizza Hut

Order your favorite pizza with a few clicks.

4. Domino’s Pizza

Order your favorite pizza with a few clicks.



5. HealthTap

Ask the bot health-related questions.

6. Atlas Fitness

Follow workout plans made by fitness influencers.



7. Wall Street Journal

Check the news & subscribe to notifications.

8. Washington Post

Check the news & subscribe to notifications.

9. Today

Check the news & subscribe to notifications.

10. TechCrunch

Check the news & subscribe to notifications.

11. CNN

Check the news & subscribe to notifications.

12. BBC Politics

Check the news & subscribe to notifications.

13. Outbrain

Outbrain gets content from all major publishers and covers every imaginable topic. Outbrain AI discovers quality content updates across all publishers and only shows you the most relevant bits based on your interests.

Perfect for a busy lifestyle and for wanting to stay on top of things without too much hassle. Time to try the Outbrain service that wants to satisfy your content craving all in one place!



14. Trulia

Search for Real Estate information.

15. Structurely

Search for Real Estate information.

16. TransferWise

A convenient way to transfer money.



17. Johnnie Walker

Ask questions about Johnnie Walker products.

18. Sephora

Book makeovers conveniently through the bot.

19. Beer Bot

Find local breweries and beer information.



20. Marvel

Shop through Marvel’s superhero shop.

21. Kayak

Search for flights and hotel rooms.

22. Skyscanner

Search for flights and hotel rooms.

23. Kayak

Kayak Bot will search hundreds of travel sites at once to find you the information you need on flights, hotels, rental cars and things to do.

It also keeps you up-to-date on your travel plans and helps you manage your trip.

24. Visabot

Visabot is an immigration attorney ChatBot created in November 2016 and inspired by top U.S immigration lawyers that help you better understand American immigration laws and apply for the right visa based on your personal needs. Visabot helps you having a smoother visa process, save your time and ensures already filled out visa forms.



25. Burberry

Shop through new collections and view clothes.

26. Tommy Hilfiger

Shop through new collections and view clothes.

27. KIA Motors

Schedule a test drive and learn about the KIA Niro.



28. Yahoo Weather

Convenient weather notifications and forecasts.

29. Adidas Women

Schedule a session in the Adidas LDN “Studio”.

30. Hi Poncho

Convenient weather notifications and forecasts.



31. Qwazou

Discover bots with a bot.

32. Kigurumi

Shop Onesies with this Shopify store hooked up to a bot.

33. Bothook 

A powerful chatbot engine for your business. Create new sales medium through chatbots. BotHook helps the brand to promote in a different fashion.

34. ZORO

ZORO is AI bot, assisted messaging app that keeps you connected with your favorite businesses and friends.



35. FlightBot

Find general airport & flight information.



36. Poncho

Poncho is your new best friend and daily sidekick! With fun, personalized weather alerts, it’ll make sure you’re prepared to take on the day. From grabbing an umbrella to grabbing the train.

Every day Poncho sends you something to make you smile like your astrological outlook (horoscopes), a mantra or a lifehack.

Can’t sleep? Feeling bored? Need a pal? Poncho is always on! Poncho has got jokes, recipes, dating advice and more. Find it on Facebook Messenger, Kik, and Viber.

37. HelpX AI

HelpX AI is the best chatbot and personal assistant. It helps you in your day-to-day life and updates you with your Personalised Feeds. It is the future of apps.

Now, we don’t have to full our phone memory to keep multiple apps for shopping, cab, coupons, news, flight, train, weather, Wikipedia, nearby, movie, coupon & deals.

It is the one app who is doing all these multiple services just by your message or voice.

It has never been easier. Now enjoy Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Paytm, OLA cabs etc in one single App.

And Be updated with Feeds like Business, Startups, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Travel, Or Politics.

38. Swelly

Swelly bot is a smart and innovative concept, it is today one of the most popular bots in the market.

It helps people with their daily decisions by sending their questions directly to the other users. As well contains a question and 2 options. A or B? This or That? High Heels or Sneakers? Hot or Not?


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