How to Create Hotspot On Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows (ten) 10 is providing facility to its users to share an internet connection by making a “Hotspot

  • But it is possible only when your computer is connected with a wired internet connection (LAN)

To create a Hotspot in Microsoft Windows 10 fellow these steps:

    • Press Win+x  a menu box is open like below
    • Click on the “Command Prompt (Admin)“ in the menu box


      • CMD is open
      • Next step is to check that your wireless adapter supports this feature
      • Run the following command “NETSH WLAN show drivers”.



  • Now Run this command “NETSH WLAN set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=name key=Your_Password”(ssid is the name by which you want to identify your hotspot ).


  • Congratulation you have successfully create the hotspot

Now how to start hotspot

  • Run the following commad “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”.

You successfully start the hotspot service now follow the steps to share it .

    • Now search “View network connections” and open .


  • This screen will be shown.
  • Now right click on the (Ethernet ) and select properties.


  • Now click on sharing on the top on right sight.
  • Check the box “Allow other networks ” and then press “ok” button.hotspot_step_7
  • You have successfully share your hotspot to public.


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